Firmware 2.7

So wie es aussieht kommt die nächste firmware version um hombrew zum erliegen zu bringen. via pspupdates:

Well, its official, apparently Japan is the first to receive the latest firmware of the system software to 2.7 tomorrow (April 25). Not many details are available at this time, but all that’s known for now is that the update will include Macromedia Flash for the Internet Browser and AAC compatibility (music). Look out for more details soon, including whether there has been any developments in blocking homebrew.

neue Features:

* unterstützung von Macromedia Flash
* RSS-Audio Files können nun gespeichert werden.
* AAC-Audioformat kann nun abgespielt werden
* RSS-Channel Einstellungen nun vorhanden
* Memory Stick mit über 2GB Grösse werden nun erkannt.


* [Internet Browser] now supports Macromedia Flash contents playback.
*You need to enable the Flash contents playback in the [System Settings].
*The version of the flash player is Macromedia Flash Player 6 (a part of the functions is not supported).
* The settings of the [Internet Browser] is added into [Settings] -> [Connection Settings]
* The audio contents from channels in the [RSS Channel] section now can be saved into your memory stick.
* [Auto] option added to [Rate Change] in [Location Free Player].
*More about the Location Free base station can be found [here].


* Added file extension to playable AAC format.


* Added [Enable Flash Player] in [System Settings].
*To change this option, you need to connect to the internet.
* “Simplified Chinese” and “Traditional Chinese” added to [System Settings] -> [System Language].
* Added [RSS Channel Settings].
* Added [UMD Video L & R Button] into [Video Settings].


* Fixed some issues when using a memory stick with more than 2GB free space.
*This problem has not happened among the memory sticks sold in Japan until April 24.

In Europa ist jetzt die neue firmware auch zu haben. Als Featuer das bis jetzt unentdeckt blieb hat sich das neue Design der Alben heraus gestellt. Aufgrund von vielen Fragen nach Homebrew auf 2.7 hat finjita eine FAQ dazu zusammen gestellt:

To clear up some of those questions, Fanjita evaluated the new firmware and constructed a quick FAQ:

* Homebrew does not work on v2.7. The GTA exploit is thoroughly patched, and the TIFF exploit is still patched [Confirmed by QJ.NET already].
* It’s unknown when homebrew will be available on v2.7. A whole new exploit needs to be developed.
* In Fanjita’s opinion (shared with EdisonCarter) there is no future for the GTA exploit on v2.7.
* LocoRoco is an encrypted, signed EBOOT. The only way to run homebrew in the same way is to get Sony’s encryption key and sign the homebrew. This is impossible.
* There could possibly be an exploit to be found in all the new function, e.g. flash player, AAC support, etc. Fanjita and his team are not currently working on one.
* There might be an exploit to be found in another game. Fanjita and his team are not currently working on one.
* There’s no truth in the rumour that v2.7 has made Fanjita and his team angry, and that they are going to work on an ISO loader as revenge.
* The LocoRoco demo REQUIRES v2.70, even if you hack the PARAM.SFO in the EBOOT.

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