Kurok Demo v0.2


Kurok ist ein 1st Person Shooter der auf der Quake Engine basiert. In der Demo Version dieses Homebrew Krachers könnt ihr rund 90% der ersten Episode spielen. Ihr braucht dafür allerdings ein psp mit der cfw größer als 3.71.

* Added:
o Soldier enemies now throw grenades on Normal, Hard and Intense difficulties.
o Added: Red and Blue team skin colors in team multiplayer games, bottom color now selects either Red or Blue team.
o Option in the Misc. menu to brighten certain models, turning this off gives a slight speed boost.
o Option in the multiplayer menu to turn on/off auto-aim.
o Option in the multiplayer menu to turn on/off map exits.
o New missile model for the rocket launcher and grenade launcher.
o New plasma ball effect for the secondary function of the grenade launcher.
o Extra deathmatch and co-op spawn points in single player maps (no more crazy telefragging).
o New icon and background image for the Normal and Slim EBOOTS.
o Loading screen background image.

* Change:
o Expanded the Base Arena multiplayer map (kdm2).
o Split up the pak files for faster & easier patching.
o The config file now shows subtle realistic view movement, and fixed default controls.
o Increased speed of plasma ball and reduced its collision size.

* Fixed:
o Tekbow crashing the game if you charge an arrow as soon as you change a map/load a save game.
o Clipping problem in Canyon Testing map (e1m3).
o Remote mines floating in mid air on spawn points.



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